Product Changes (5/15)

• Jericho Season 4 #1
(MAY120353, $3.99), solicited with a cover by the Sharp Bros., will now have a cover by Tim Seeley. The book will ship with the Seeley Cover and a Photo Cover in a 1:1 ratio.

Image has released the cover image to the Spawn #220 Chris Giarrusso Variant (MAR128274, $3.99), shown here.

• Hit-Girl #1 Variant
(MR) (FEB128210, $2.99) will now have cover art by Phil Noto, and will be retitled Hit-Girl #1 Noto Variant.

• Supercrooks #3 Variant (MR) (MAR120636, $2.99) will be a black and white version of the regular cover by Leinil Yu, and will be retitled Supercrooks #3 Yu Variant (MR).

• Daredevil #14 ASM In Motion Variant (APR120654, $2.99) will have cover art by Mike Deodato, and will be retitled Daredevil #14 ASM In Motion Deodato Variant.

• New Mutants #44 ASM In Motion Variant (APR120668, $2.99) will have cover art by Chris Stevens, and will be retitled New Mutants #44 ASM In Motion Stevens Variant.

The correct price of Takio #2 (MAY120728D) is $3.95, not $2.99.

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